Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ranking at Rankrz

Honestly, my wife got me to check this site out for her blog. I have to admit, I created an account for her at Rankrz so that I could provide her feedback on the site for her blog, but I ended up exploring the blog, updating my account, and answering comments as I updated the tags or words to describe her.

I created my own ranking easily by clicking the Rank! icon with the red crown (well, it does look like a crown) and I started a rank about the best Mel Gibson movie. Her favorite Mel Gibson movie is Braveheart, and she has never liked any other Mel Gibson movie as much as this one. Sure, she liked the Patriot and the M. Night movie with Mel Gibson, but not as much as Braveheart. I'm sure she'll be glad to see her favorite movie rank in her own rankings. All I need to do for now is to wait and see if other Rankrz users add more movies to her ranking, while I busy myself browsing other rankings as well.

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