Monday, August 31, 2009

Keisha's 2nd Tooth Extraction

Today I had the privilege of making history in the eyes of my child Keisha. She had her first tooth extraction a few days back and the tooth beside that started shaking as well. When we checked, her permanent tooth was already peeking from the back.

Henry went out to see if the dentist's clinic was open as it was a Sunday, but unfortunately the clinic was closed. Keisha wouldn't stop putting her finger to her mouth, so I decided to take her upstairs with me and take out the teeth myself.

Keisha was naturally scared at first, but after a few good shakes and with the promise of ice cream afterwards, I managed to pull her tooth out.

My fingers still hurt, but I'm glad her gums are healing a lot faster compared to when we had the tooth taken out by the dentist. Hmmm...maybe I make a better dentist! Lol!

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