Thursday, May 22, 2008

Her Grandma's School

Keisha, my mom in law, and Henry just got home from where my mom in law finished high school. She needs her diploma as part of the requirements for the new school she is going to take her Caregiving course from. I'm excited for her that she is going back to school and taking up a course that she will find very useful once she gets to Hawaii. But I'm just worried that she just might not have enough time to squeeze in her school taking care of my kids, going to the gym, and other household chores.

My mom in law's classes are from eight o'clock in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon, if I'm not mistaken. She's already looking forward to starting school in the first week of June. In fact, we're going to her school, which is St. Augustine's School of Nursing this Monday, so we can pay off the rest of her tuition fee.

Crying Baby

No, it's not the fireworks. I just feel a bit guilty about Keisha crying a lot yesterday when my mom in law and I went to the gym. I didn't want her to go with us not because I thought she was a drag, but because I just didn't want her running through any mishaps.

In order to get to the gym where we work out, you need to climb a staircase that is pretty steep, plus the fact that there are also other people working out and she just might run into an accident. Since Keisha also has her own mind, she often lifts weights on her own, sweats it out on the treadmill, and does not want to stop using the stepper. Sounds pretty healthy, but for a four year old, I don't think so. Plus the fact that she is also hogging the space other people working out are supposed to be occupying.

In any case, Keisha had her way and we ended up taking her with us. Her sobbing face is enough to melt my heart and I just couldn't help but take her with us.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Where to Stay in Australia

If you're planning a trip to Australia, or you just might find yourself going to Australia for a business trip, there are a lot of possible places you can stay in addition to the places you can visit. If you're searching for the best Western Hotels, there are three great hotels that I would recommend staying.

One would be the Sheraton Hotels. I really like the facilities that this hotel has to offer, as it is very cozy and is perfect for a family staying for a vacation, but also great for people on a business trip. Another hotel would be the Hilton Hotels, as not only are the facilities exceptional, but the staff and employees are also very courteous and friendly. The Hyatt Hotels are also great - if you're there for a business trip, you'll always be connected with the hotel's WiFi access, and the hotel is not so boring that your kids won't enjoy their stay.

Australia is a great place since there are a lot of sights to see and places to visit, but where you will be staying is also something any tourist should consider.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Review of Lifelock

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Max Web Design Blog

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Traveling with Kids

I miss having quality time with Henry and the kids, and I have done my share about being vocal about this. So I was thinking of planning a vacation somewhere far like in a different country. I have been looking for Rome Hotels, Dublin Hotels, and London Hotels. Hotels Paris is also something that we're considering, since we've never been there.

But if we are to plan a family vacation, we'd also have to consider Keisha's schedule at school, my schedule at work, and whether Nicole will be coming with us or staying at home instead. I want the vacation that we'll be having to be something memorable, and that all of us would have fun. So, in order for these to be accomplished, careful planning and consideration of details needs to be well taken cared of.

I hope that this family vacation of ours actually materializes and does not end up being just another plan of ours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that before this year ends, we're able to go to some of the destinations that we have in mind. It would be great if Henry and I and the kids can spend some quality time with each other and break away from our everyday routine.

Going to School

Henry and I enrolled Keisha for school this June. Her schedule at the Sto. Rosario Montessori is from 1pm-3:30pm from Monday to Friday. We had one of our neighbors who is a seamstress sew her daily uniform for her from Monday-Thursday, as she is going to wear her Physical Education uniform every Friday.

We also bought her the school prescribed books and notebooks, and I guess I'm more excited than she is to go to school. Keisha even had to undergo an entrance exam which she passed before she was allowed to be enrolled.

I can't wait until her uniform is sewn and Keisha can try it on for the first time. I am so excited, I feel Keisha is such a big girl now.