Monday, August 31, 2009

No Classes - National Heroes Day

Today, August 31st is National Heroes Day and Keisha doesn't have any school. This is one of the Philippine holidays that I love because on this day, we get to celebrate and remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives just so we could be where we are now - free!

I hope this holiday will also become one of Keisha's favorites as she grows older.

Keisha's 2nd Tooth Extraction

Today I had the privilege of making history in the eyes of my child Keisha. She had her first tooth extraction a few days back and the tooth beside that started shaking as well. When we checked, her permanent tooth was already peeking from the back.

Henry went out to see if the dentist's clinic was open as it was a Sunday, but unfortunately the clinic was closed. Keisha wouldn't stop putting her finger to her mouth, so I decided to take her upstairs with me and take out the teeth myself.

Keisha was naturally scared at first, but after a few good shakes and with the promise of ice cream afterwards, I managed to pull her tooth out.

My fingers still hurt, but I'm glad her gums are healing a lot faster compared to when we had the tooth taken out by the dentist. Hmmm...maybe I make a better dentist! Lol!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Classes - Ninoy Aquino Day

Keisha does not have any classes today, August 21, 2009 as it is Ninoy Aquino Day.

I recall when I was younger. I loked forward to holidays like this not because I wanted to celebrate, but because it meant I could watch as much TV as I wanted on the night before, and sleep unitl lunch on the morning. I was happy when there were no classes because that meant I could sleep in as much as I wanted to and not do my homework until the next day.

I know that when Keisha gets older, she'll also begin to understand what the holidays are for and what it means. But for now, I totally understand her liking for holidays and how she can sleep late and wake up even later.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keisha's First Tooth Extraction

We took Keisha to the dentist last Saturday for her first ever tooth extraction. Her front tooth on her lower jaw was already loose, and the new tooth was already peeking out from beneath. We took her to the dentist and handled the injection very, very well.

Henry recorded the entire event on my Nokia 5800. We will be uploading the video shortly.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Pictures of Keisha

Ever since we took home the Neo Vivid 1193 netbook, Keisha has been going gaga over it. She keeps telling us that she wishes things weren't a dream because she was really happy and excited to have a laptop.

Keisha is turning 6, and sometimes I wonder if I can already fully trust her when it comes to taking care of gadgets and electronics.

The pictures above are those which I took of Keisha with the netbook.