Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keisha Blowing her 5th Birthday Candle

Here's a video of Keisha blowing her 5th birthday candle at home.

Happy 5th Birthday Keisha!

Happy 5th birthday to my first granddaughter Keisha! Your lola loves you very much. I love spending every day with you and watching you grow.

I can only wish you the best on your birthday. I also wish you will be a good older sister to Nicole and a loving daughter to your parents, and a loving granddaughter as you always are.

Love lots,
Lola Monic

More Pics at SRM's 24th Foundation Day

Leslie was showing me the pics she took from Keisha's school, I decided to post them as well when I found out she hasn't uploaded them yet.

Happy 5th Birthday Keisha!

Happy birthday Keisha!

I know you may often think that I don't have time to spend with you as I'm always away at work. I eve missed your program at school when you danced at your school's 24th Foundation Day. But I want you to know that you're always on mind and I love you more than life itself. We're going to make your 5th birthday a memorable one. Although we weren't able to celebrate your birthday at school as you initially wanted since it's already your semestral break, I know you'll still have a great time with us.

Love, Daddy.

More of Keisha's Pics at SRM's 24th Foundation Day

Here are more pics of Keisha at her school's 24th Foundation Day. For this post I'm showing pics of hers with her classmates. I'll do another post with pictures of her on stage. You'll have to forgive me as the pictures are blurry. Kids are always on the move and these pics were taken with the low-tech low-megapixel camera of my cellphone.
Keisha's in the middle, with her classmates Kirby on the left and Kayzee on the right.

Still the three of them :-)

Keisha and Kayzee

Happy 5th Birthday Keisha!

The long wait is finally over. It's Keisha's 5th birthday today! Well, where I'm at i like 4:40 in the morning and everyone's fast asleep. I'm excited about our big day later, since we're going to the amusement park after lunch and there's going to be lots of food tomorrow. I hope Keisha has a great time later, and I'm sure she will, as we'll do everything we can to make today special.

We'll post pictures of our adventure later when we get home.

I love you Keisha - Mommy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

SRM's 24th Foundation Day

Today is the celebration of the 24th Foundation Day of Sto. Rosario Montessori, Keisha's school. Keisha and I went together as her dad was at work, her grandmother was suffering from back pains, aside from the fact that she has to take care of Nicole.

Keisha and her classmates danced to Anak ng Pasig and Sayaw Darling. I guess the fact that Keisha is so confident just makes me cry because I am so proud of her. I remember when she had her first contest, I was crying my eyes out. Today, I got teary-eyed again watching her on stage. Here are some pictures of Keisha getting ready for her production number.

I'll post other pictures tomorrow as I have to sleep since I'm doing RDOT tonight. And I also need to cook dinner now, as Henry may be home anytime soon.

Keisha and SRM's 24th Foundation Day

Here are videos of Keisha dancing at her school's 24th Foundation Day. These will be the last poor quality video I will be uploading as I have vowed to throw my low-tech low-megapixel cellphone in the garbage before this year ends.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 Days to Go!

Keisha's birthday is just 4 days away and I'm really looking forward to it.

Right now, she's at my sister's house as my mom, my dad, and my eldest sister picked her up as they dropped the Christmas Tree they're not using here. My dad assembled it already and all my mom in law and I have to do is to put the decorations up.

My mom called me up and told me that Keisha was busy baking a cake with my eldest sister. I'm glad she's having a good time there, as I'm sure she will be taken cared of well there. A part of me just can't help but miss her, but another part of me is glad that she's there as I only have a few hours to spend with her anyway as I have to sleep early for work.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Using Nuffnang Ads

As part of our move to not accept paid posts on this blog anymore, we're exploring on running more blog advertisements on our site. I just signed our blog up for Nuffnang ads. Initially, I signed up for the Singapore site, until I realized that Nuffnang was actually here in the Philippines!

To rectify the error, I just placed the codes both for the Singapore and Philippines ads on my sites. I hope that we will be able to get advertisement requests. I'm excited about launching ads on the site.

On a side note, Keisha's birthday is just 5 days away and we will be starting a countdown to Keisha's highly - anticipated birthday. I feel so old already, lol.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a Week to Go!

Leslie and I was having lunch today when we realized that it's exactly a week before Keisha's 5th birthday. We already promised her a trip to Star City, so that's already set. What we're going to cook is also set, which will be spaghetti and probably some hotdogs and fried chicken.

I'm excited about this particular birthday as Keisha is already old enough to understand and appreciate her birthdays. Before, when she was younger, even though we cooked tons of food and had a lot of visitors, of course she didn't understand it at the time nor enjoyed it as she was just a baby and she just drank her milk from the bottle.

I wonder how her 5th birthday will go and how she'll react. I wish my eldest all the happiness she can possibly have, not only on her birthday but on every day of her life. I love you Keisha.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kontera Content Links

One of the changes we're making to this blog is to not accept sponsored posts anymore, we're going back to using Kontera Content Links. I haven't been able to use this particular ad service as it basically puts a pop up box in the middle of the post, which most of the sites I write for request that there be no such ads. Well, since we're not doing these kinds of posts anymore, we're using Kontera again.

Another service I might use again is Adbrite. It's almost the same as Kontera as they also have in-line ads. I'm looking into maximizing the ads I have as they will be replacing the income we'll be losing since we won't be doing sponsored posts anymore.

Hope I get to maximize and organize the ads I'll be running on this site. Wish me luck!

What We've Done

Leslie already went ahead and made the changes to Keisha's blog even before her birthday. I guess she's right, we'll be busy making preparations for Keisha's birthday and we won't be able to remodel the blog on the very day of Keisha's birthday. We chose a pink colored three column template, and I was the one who chose the new name for the blog. I think Life with Keisha is a great name, as it's really life the way we see it with Keisha.

Since it's only a matter of days before she turns 5, the previous name of the blog didn't seem to suit her anymore. I'm wondering if Leslie will also start a blog about Nicole. I think it's just right that both the kids should have blogs of their own.

Leslie also decided not to make any more sponsored posts on this blog. We're focusing on making the blog all about her and nothing else. We'll still sell ad space, but no more sponsored posts. I wonder how long it would take to regain the PR this blog previously had.

So there, welcome to the new A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old, now known as Life with Keisha. Cheers!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What We're Going to Do

Leslie and I have decided to stick with this blog instead of starting a new one. Since it's been around for more than a year, search engines have already indexed our pages and we have links coming from everywhere. Leslie was also thinking of changing it's URL, but she already decided not to. So there, the changes we will be doing before October 29 are to change it's title and the layout.

I'm thinking of something like A Day in Keisha's Life, or A Day in the Life of Keisha Zacharie. Which do you think is better?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 Days Before Keisha's 5th Birthday

Keisha's turning 5 in just 10 days from now. Another thing I'm happy about is the fact that her second quarterly exams are over and she's free to play around this weekend. Too bad she wasn't able to go to her aunt Elena's house this weekend as my mom and my sister are both sick. They didn't want Keisha to be infected with cough and colds so they didn't invite her over this weekend.

Right now Keisha is busy playing a game on her PSP. Since Nicole wanted to see what the game is, she kept snatching the PSP from Keisha and as a result, the kids are at war again. Henry took Nicole outside as she wouldn't stop crying. Keisha's sulking in a corner and won't talk. *Sigh* I don't know what to do with these kids. I guess it's too much to ask from a four year old to extend her patience towards her younger sister.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Keisha's 2nd Quarterly Exams

Today is one of the 5 exams Keisha will have for the entire week. Her first exam is Math, and I'm sure she'll do well. I think it's her favorite subject by far and she finds the lessons easy. Tomorrow, her exams are a bit harder as she's not really that well into Reading but she's OK when it comes to writing.

I guess it's pretty understandable as it's her first time to go to school and she's only 4. I'm just glad that she manages to cope with her lessons and she's doing well in school.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

25 Days Before Keisha Turns Five

It's 25 days before Keisha turns 5. Since this blog is named A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old, I wonder what Leslie has in mind when Keisha turns five. Will she stop blogging on this blog and start a new one? Or will she just change the title of this blog and keep going? I guess we have 25 days to find out, huh?

At her Lola's House

Keisha's out today at my mom's house. My eldest sister Elena and my dad picked her up here at our new house. They pretty much hit two birds with one stone - they got to check out our new place and got to visit their grandkids.

She called me a couple of minutes ago and found out she's busy baking a cake with her aunt. She's enjoying her stay and is probably enjoying the shower of attention that she has. We also let her bring her exams and some of her school stuff so that she can show it to my mom. They're all so proud that Keisha is doing so well in school.