Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm Back to Work!

After several months (or almost a year) of being a stay-home mom, I again find myself working for another call center, eTelecare. The pay's really good and I'd have more to spend for personal luxuries and I just might have enough to buy Keisha a violin for the upcoming holiday, Christmas.

I just miss the amount of time I used to have with Keisha and Simone. I miss bathing with Keisha and watching the many tv shows that we watch regularly. And with my current shift which permits me to be home around 2am, they're already fast asleep.

On the other hand, I am grateful for the current schedule I have, which is a 4pm-1am shift. I get some hours during the day to spend with my daughters and Henry. And when I get home and I find that I'm not yet sleepy, I have time to attend to my blogging jobs until around 4am.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed though for our schedule for Client Specific Training; I hope it's a schedule that's as fine and convenient as my current one. Although I don't mind working in a night shift since the night differential rate is actually 30% of my basic pay, I just can't imagine sleeping through the entire day while everyone's up and about. Plus the fact that I'll still be in training for 4 more weeks. But in any case, I really don't mind. I'm doing this for them anyway.

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