Friday, November 9, 2007

Yet Another Accident on my Mom-in-Law's Birthday

Today's my mom-in-law's 48th birthday, and Henry and I bought her a Belo Essentials Facial Wash and Body Lotion. I wanted to buy her the Whitening Soap to complete the entire skincare line, but despite my best efforts, the three malls I went to during my lunch break at eTelecare earlier were all out of stocks. In any case, I was sure she was really happy that I bought her the said cosmetics, as she had been asking me about them for several weeks already. And what's even funnier is that the first thing she asked me when I got home this afternoon was whether I was able to buy her the said cosmetics.

Moving on to the little accident tonight....

Keisha, my mom-in-law Monic and I were eating dinner earlier tonight when Keisha was swinging back and forth from her chair when all of a sudden, the chair fell with Keisha still on it. Keisha cried and cried, and I was a bit relieved that at least, she didn't hit her head on the concrete. But as my mom-in-law and I were observing Keisha as she was climbing the stairs to see if Simone was awake, we noticed she was holding her hips. I think she may be hurt, but it's something not serious, otherwise she would have complained about it already.

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