Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keisha and Monic's Eyeglasses

My mom in law woke me up really early today just to inform me that Keisha broke her eyeglasses. Apparently what happened was, my mom in law put her eyeglasses way up on the fridge, but Keisha took a chair and managed to reach for it. When I asked her why she took the eyeglasses, she responded that she thought we were keeping some coins there which she could use to buy candy and stuff. I don't know exactly how she broke the glasses, but she did.

We might need to go to SM Valenzuela tomorrow when I wake up, so that we can have her glasses repaired. My mom in law is pretty upset because this would be the nth time I bought her eyeglasses and they were just ruined or broken. I don't mind, honestly, because it's not really anyone's fault.

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