Monday, January 26, 2009

Keisha's 3rd Quarter Exams

Keisha's 3rd Quarter exam results are here, and I am just so proud of her. In all of her 6 subjects (is it 6? hmmm) and out of 50 - 60 items, the most mistakes she made was 3, particularly on her Math subject. I am so proud of her since she also scored perfect on her other exams.

I'm so glad tha she's doing well in school, and enjoying school at the same time as well.


She said...

hmm..reminds me of me when i was still studying..that was 19kopong kopong though!!..hehehe..bright kid you have? kanino nag mana? just visiting your blog here.have a nice day!!

Leslie Ann said...

hi mommy she!

thanks for dropping by, i really appreciate it. how are you feeling, by the way?

Kyle Lester said...

your child must be genius! congratz! heheh!

Leslie Ann said...

thanks! we're all really proud of her.