Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Day of School, Really

Today Keisha finally went to school after missing the first 3 days of it last week. She had a fever and since it was raining pretty hard last week, rather than risking her getting a relapse, Henry, my mom in law, and I decided to just let her miss the first 3 days.

I took her to her classroom and shook hands with her teacher and then after introducing myself, explained politely why Keisha missed school amidst the other parents asking her questions at the same time. Her teacher didn't seem to mind, and I found out 6 other students also missed out on the first 3 days with reasons of their own.

I'm glad that since Keisha knows where her room is and already got a glimpse of her new schoolmates for the year, it will make the following days much easier for her. She even got to pick her own chair!

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