Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Pink Beach Ball

My officemates and I had to decorate our stations with a summer theme, and since the judging is over, I decided to take home (with the consent of my team leader and approval of my teammates, of course) the small inflatable boat and a pink beach ball. I had to deflate these items after blowing and blowing really hard, since they wouldn't fit in my bag and I wouldn't want to ride the bus carrying all of these.

When I got home, I showed them to Keisha and proceeded to inflating them again. Keisha is really happy about the pink ball, although she plays with the boat as well. Whenever I come home from work, she always asks me to play catch with her, something that I really like since I get some time to play with her.

I hope that we will be able to buy the house and lot that my husband and I are dreaming of. It would be a great place to celebrate Nicole's first birthday on June and Keisha's fifth birthday on October.

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