Friday, March 28, 2008

Cartoons Galore

Keisha is at her usual self today, still refusing to take her afternoon nap since she's busy watching cartoons. I'm glad that she's back to eating a lot, and she's also pretty excited with the fact that she'll be studying this school year. She already knows how to write her name, and can identify colors like the back of her hand.

As for Nicole, she already has 4 teeth barely surfacing from her gums, except for the two on her lower jaw. As with some babies, she had a slight fever that lasted for more than 24 hours when her teeth were trying to come out. But she's all better now and is back to being really active, wants to be carried, and says a lot of stuff already.

Two kids can be a handful every now and then, and I just love every minute of it.

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