Monday, May 12, 2008

Traveling with Kids

I miss having quality time with Henry and the kids, and I have done my share about being vocal about this. So I was thinking of planning a vacation somewhere far like in a different country. I have been looking for Rome Hotels, Dublin Hotels, and London Hotels. Hotels Paris is also something that we're considering, since we've never been there.

But if we are to plan a family vacation, we'd also have to consider Keisha's schedule at school, my schedule at work, and whether Nicole will be coming with us or staying at home instead. I want the vacation that we'll be having to be something memorable, and that all of us would have fun. So, in order for these to be accomplished, careful planning and consideration of details needs to be well taken cared of.

I hope that this family vacation of ours actually materializes and does not end up being just another plan of ours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that before this year ends, we're able to go to some of the destinations that we have in mind. It would be great if Henry and I and the kids can spend some quality time with each other and break away from our everyday routine.

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