Saturday, May 17, 2008

Max Web Design Blog

I recently came across a design blog that's really cool. I love the style of the looks so no-nonsense and it's also very crisp. The template of the blog also plays around with contrasting colors - black and white and other shades as well.

This designing blog that I came across is also very easy to browse as the home page itself provides easy access to the posts that are most commented on, the title and a brief description of other posts on the blog and links to read more about it, and some random posts that would tweak any reader's interest.

To blog about web design, projects, marketing, and search engine optimization tips are the objectives of Robert G., the guy who owns the blog. The site I'm telling you about is really neat and offers a lot of tips that any serious blogger would love not only to read about but apply as well, especially the search engine optimization tips. I'm currently busy reading about this post about a page that Robert G. wrote today is not as bad as an article that was written years ago but now has many inbound links into it. The guy does have a point.

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