Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crying Baby

No, it's not the fireworks. I just feel a bit guilty about Keisha crying a lot yesterday when my mom in law and I went to the gym. I didn't want her to go with us not because I thought she was a drag, but because I just didn't want her running through any mishaps.

In order to get to the gym where we work out, you need to climb a staircase that is pretty steep, plus the fact that there are also other people working out and she just might run into an accident. Since Keisha also has her own mind, she often lifts weights on her own, sweats it out on the treadmill, and does not want to stop using the stepper. Sounds pretty healthy, but for a four year old, I don't think so. Plus the fact that she is also hogging the space other people working out are supposed to be occupying.

In any case, Keisha had her way and we ended up taking her with us. Her sobbing face is enough to melt my heart and I just couldn't help but take her with us.

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