Monday, August 18, 2008

Away for a Week

I decided to stay off the computer for a week as it was my birthday and I wanted to have time for myself and the kids. Henry's also away on a long trip to Ilocos and won't be back by the 20th.

Keisha doesn't have school today as it's a holiday, and will be having her first quarter exams this week. My mother in law has been reviewing her daily to make her prepared for the exam. She's already learned a lot about Math, shapes, and her other lessons.

I was laughing to myself yesterday as I suggested to my mom in law that she let Keisha actually taste bitter, sweet, sour, and salty stuff as this was part of their lessons. For sweet, we had her taste sugar, sour we let her sip vinegar, for salty we let her taste salt, and for bitter, we had her taste a granule of coffee.

I'm glad that Keisha understands what the taste actually is, but I guess she was a bit confused about the names of the things she's tasting , not to mention the fact that she has to learn them both in English and Filipino.

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