Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keisha's First Day at School

Keisha had a really great time at school today. She already made a new friend, Erisa Yamamoto, who is one of her classmates. I was amazed at Keisha since she wasn't like the other kids who cried and cried for their moms to be there inside their classroom. Keisha was totally different - she was even surprised when my mother in law went inside her room to fix her hair clips and when I went in to take pictures of her inside her room.

She also very cleverly drew and colored on a piece of paper which her teacher hung on the wall and she got three stars for it. As a reward, we took Keisha for a treat at SM Valenzuela and we dined at McDonald's. She ordered the Kiddie Meal with Po as the free toy, the one from Kung Fu Panda.

She's already looking forward to another day at school tomorrow, and I am more than glad that I can rest my fears about how her first day at school would be.

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