Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 12 was a Success

I'd have to say we celebrated my mom's birthday with a bang. Although she already knew we were coming over, she was still surprised that we did come. Since I work at night, sometimes on weekends I promise her I'd drop by her house, and then find myself hours later magnetized on my bed and refusing against all reason to get up.

Keisha spent the evening with her Aunt Elena, my dad and mom, and me, my mom in law, and Nicole. Henry called while we were there, since we wasn't able to come with us as he had work. We bought a pancit malabon and a big chocolate cake, which unfortunately the icing was ruined and Keisha and Nicole's names were erased as it stuck to the top of the box.

It was so obvious that my parents missed the kids, and they were so surprised to see how big Keisha and Nicole had gotten. Remembering the evening we spent puts a smile to my face, although I ended up not being able to wake up for work and just rendering a half day's worth of work, it's so worth it.

Happy birthday mom! We love you.

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success in life said...

Yep, sure looks like u had a great successful month (THUMBS UP)!