Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Magic Wand

Henry and I went to my office to get my Christmas present for him and when we went home, we stopped by a tiangge selling all sorts of stuff, one of them being a battery - powered magic wand with sounds and lights.

I showed it to Henry, haggled with the price, and bought the said wand for Keisha. She and Nicole were still asleep when we got home, and Keisha was so happy to see the wand. She can't stop playing with it and is not yet done showing it off to everyone. Keisha is also very busy playing fairy godmother granting all of us wishes - me to be thinner (lol), her dad to have more hair (wahahaha) and her grandmother to be sexier, too.

Of course, pictures are still waiting to be uploaded as my USB cord to my cellphone is still missing. I would have also loved if you guys could see the pink crocs we bought for Nicole - she also hasn't taken them off yet - save for when she took her bath.

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