Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Planning a Birthday Party

Leslie, Keisha, Nicole, my sister in law and my mom are busy planning a surprise party for my mom in law this Friday. Leslie already bought a present for her mom, and my mom is in charge of the birthday cake and the pancit, which is my mom in law's favorite.

Unless Keisha has already spilled the beans, my mom in law has no clue that we're having a party for her. They're planning on going over to their house right after Keisha's school on Friday.

I just hope that I won't be assigned to any work on that day, because I would love to go with them, especially since I heard my sister in law Elena plans on cooking lasagna on that day. Yum!

I know Keisha will have a great time on Friday as she'll get to visit her grandma, her grandpa, and her aunt. She likes staying there and they like having Keisha over as well. Hope everything turns out well on that date!

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