Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Simone Got Immunized

Very early today I took my daughter Simone to the doctor to have her immunization and to have her cough checked. She's been coughing for two days now, along with an occassional runny nose. We were gone for about two hours or so and when we got home, Keisha immediately descended the stairs and asked where I went.

"Where have you been mommy? I was looking for you everywhere."

"Simone and I went to the doctor for her shots."

"Did you bring anything back for me?"

"No, sorry I forgot," I said. I honestly forgot to buy her a present which was something I always did. She frowned, looked at Simone and then screamed.

"Mommy! There's bloooooood!"

One of Simone's legs where she was immunized had a little red dot of blood on it, and there were some that went to her dress. I wonder why kids are so fascinated with blood. Before she could press Simone's leg, I stopped her and explained, "Keisha, that spot hurts. She was pierced by a needle by the doctor."

"Oh, okay then. I'll watch tv instead."

Later this day, Simone got a fever of 38 degrees C, something that I expected as a result of the immunizations. I've never seen Keisha so concerned about Simone. She appointed herself as Head Doctor, applying a cold towel on Simone's forehead, talking to Simone in a soothing voice when it was time for her medicines, and she just laid by Simone's side, watching her sleep and patting her back whenever she coughed.

I guess today was a pretty good day for both Keisha and Simone.

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