Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The First Field Trip

Today is Keisha's first field trip at school. Here's their tour itinerary:

For Preschool students:
  • Amalgamated Specialties
  • Hapee Toothpaste
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • Kinder Zoo / Manila Zoo
Henry's going to the trip with Keisha. Being a tour guide and all, he's the one who knows a lot more than I do with regards to the trip and all. I would have loved to go with Keisha, but I have work on that day and it's too short of a notice for me to file a leave now.

I asked Henry to take the camera with him and take lots of pictures of the places Keisha will visit. I certainly hopes she enjoys this day, and I'm looking forward to the stories they'll bring home and the pictures they've taken.

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