Monday, September 10, 2007

Down With the Flu

My mom-in-law's down with the flu...she has a pretty high fever, colds, and body pains. Henry's out at work, so I'm stuck taking care of the two kids and managing the house, plus watching the computer shop....whew. But she still manages to get up and help me whenever she can.

Keisha has to be the most considerate daughter ever. She knows her grandma is sick, so she's behaving pretty well today. She's not making much of a fuss about everything and anything (like she always does) and even watches over her grandma. For today, she's in-charge of watching over Simone, she goes to the bathroom unsupervised, and ate a lot during lunch.

I hope when Keisha grows up, she'll keep this attitude of hers. For a baby (yes, I still call her baby) who's turning four, she's pretty responsible. Simone's lucky to have her as a sibling. :-)

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