Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HD Radio

New Florida and country music stations are available on HD radio. For those who are not yet familiar with HD radio (is there anyone, really, who is not yet familiar with HD radio?), it is way different from satellite radio. Although HD radio is digital radio, it is a ground based antenna radio - sort of like a digital version of FM and AM.

Some of the benefits of HD Radio is that FM stations can now be heard with CD-quality sound, AM stations can now be heard with FM-quality sound, and listeners can enjoy crystal-clear reception with no audio distortion. Best of all, since HD Radio is a free broadcast, all you have to do is get a new HD Radio receiver for your home or car.

There are also new country music stations that listeners can tune in to, as well as new artists and new personalities, new genres, new music from abroad, new kinds of programs you’ve never listened to before, and new experimental formats that no one has ever heard. Florida High Definition Radio stations are currently the hottest buzz among music lovers, and since there's no monthly fee, it just gets better and better.

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