Friday, July 18, 2008

A Birthday Party at School

Keisha was really excited to go to school today. One of her classmates, Ashley, is celebrating her birthday at school. Since it's school policy that birthdays can only be celebrated during Fridays, I'm not sure exactly when her actual birthday is and how old she is now.

I went and bought a stuffed Blue from Blue's Clues as a gift for Keisha's classmate and wrapped it in a birthday wrapper. Since it was pretty big, Keisha was excited in carrying it to school. She also proudly displayed what she had in hand when we got to her classroom earlier today. Although we were minutes late, she didn't mind and just proceeded to her seat as if nothing was wrong.

When Keisha saw Blue, she said she also wanted one. I guess I'll probably end up buying one for her as well. But not today though. Maybe tomorrow, as I still have to go to work tonight and sleep early.

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