Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Day Before Her Dad Leaves

Today is the day before Henry leaves for Ilocos. He'll be gone for several days, and I'm wondering how Keisha will do. When Henry left for a long trip last year, Keisha had a hard time sleeping as she was waiting for her dad. I am hoping that since she has school to keep her busy and her mind off of things, she might be a little bit better this year compared to last year.

Henry's on another daily tour today, and I'm not sure what time tomorrow he'll be leaving. But I hope I'm here to see him off. With the work I have which makes nights into mornings and Henry's work that eats up most of the day, we rarely get to see each other during peak seasons. It makes me sad, but I just shrug things off and breathe, after all, we're doing these for the kids.

I'll miss him terribly, an I know Keisha will too. I just hope he stays safe all the time.

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