Monday, July 7, 2008

Dear Mark Herras

Dear Mark Herras,

Yesterday I went to SM Valenzuela with my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my baby sister Nicole who just turned a year old last June 28 in the hopes of getting a glimpse of you and the rest of the cast of Joaquin Bordado. As the mall was jam packed to the point wherein you couldn't drop a pin amongst the crowd, we tried waiting for you in the vehicle entrance. We waited in hot temperatures for more than 2 hours to no avail. We tried going inside the mall again but we couldn't find a good spot so that I could see you, even though I was riding on my dad's shoulders.

My mom asked me if it was OK if we just ate pizza and forgot about the whole thing. I said yes, as I was hungry already. But I felt really sad whenever the crowds cheered as I knew you were there and we were inside Pizza Hut. I really wanted to see you. But despite my grandmother's best efforts, there was nothing much we could do.

As we were going home, crowds were surrounding the vehicle exit, and as we were about to walk home to get a ride home, we saw one of the show's cast, Eddie Garcia, waving at the people. My dad and my grandma got to shake his hand. We waited for several minutes more, and then we saw Pen Medina waving in the front seat of the van.

And that was when I saw you, Mark Herras. You were sitting at the back of the van wearing a white cap. My grandma carried me in her arms amidst people pushing each other and I knocked at the window on the back of your van. I was knocking really hard and calling out your name, and you could have at least waved or looked back and smile. But you didn't even bother to look at your fans, you jerk. I didn't know you were such a snob in real life when you seemed so friendly and nice on TV. My grandma and I chased your van for like 4 times before we gave up. Not once did you look. Not once did you bother to wave. You have seriously disappointed a four year old fan of yours who started watching you and your career through Starstruck.

And now, I end this letter/post by saying I hate you Mark Herras. You have lost me, my mom, my dad, my sister, and my grandma as your fans. All we were waiting for was for you to smile back or wave. What a jerk.

A former fan,


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