Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a Week to Go!

Leslie and I was having lunch today when we realized that it's exactly a week before Keisha's 5th birthday. We already promised her a trip to Star City, so that's already set. What we're going to cook is also set, which will be spaghetti and probably some hotdogs and fried chicken.

I'm excited about this particular birthday as Keisha is already old enough to understand and appreciate her birthdays. Before, when she was younger, even though we cooked tons of food and had a lot of visitors, of course she didn't understand it at the time nor enjoyed it as she was just a baby and she just drank her milk from the bottle.

I wonder how her 5th birthday will go and how she'll react. I wish my eldest all the happiness she can possibly have, not only on her birthday but on every day of her life. I love you Keisha.

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