Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What We've Done

Leslie already went ahead and made the changes to Keisha's blog even before her birthday. I guess she's right, we'll be busy making preparations for Keisha's birthday and we won't be able to remodel the blog on the very day of Keisha's birthday. We chose a pink colored three column template, and I was the one who chose the new name for the blog. I think Life with Keisha is a great name, as it's really life the way we see it with Keisha.

Since it's only a matter of days before she turns 5, the previous name of the blog didn't seem to suit her anymore. I'm wondering if Leslie will also start a blog about Nicole. I think it's just right that both the kids should have blogs of their own.

Leslie also decided not to make any more sponsored posts on this blog. We're focusing on making the blog all about her and nothing else. We'll still sell ad space, but no more sponsored posts. I wonder how long it would take to regain the PR this blog previously had.

So there, welcome to the new A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old, now known as Life with Keisha. Cheers!


richard said...

hmmmm...I like the template, its so girlie and sweet...and best of all I like the new name...

Henry said...

thanks a lot! really appreciate the feedback.