Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kontera Content Links

One of the changes we're making to this blog is to not accept sponsored posts anymore, we're going back to using Kontera Content Links. I haven't been able to use this particular ad service as it basically puts a pop up box in the middle of the post, which most of the sites I write for request that there be no such ads. Well, since we're not doing these kinds of posts anymore, we're using Kontera again.

Another service I might use again is Adbrite. It's almost the same as Kontera as they also have in-line ads. I'm looking into maximizing the ads I have as they will be replacing the income we'll be losing since we won't be doing sponsored posts anymore.

Hope I get to maximize and organize the ads I'll be running on this site. Wish me luck!


mika said...


This is Mika from Kontera, I'm glad to read that you'll be using Kontera again!
For advice on optimization, be sure to visit our various publisher resources: http://blog.kontera.com/2008/07/24/get-the-most-out-of-kontera-ppc-ads/

Publisher Services Manager

Henry said...

Hi Mika!

Thanks for leaving a comment on Leslie's post, Kontera Content Links. We are really excited about running ads we weren't able to run due to some advertiser requirements. Hope everything does turn out well!