Friday, December 14, 2007

Kids and Work

Whenever I feel the urge to not go to work, I always remember what our CST Trainer Donna said, "You can't have a career and be a parent at the same time." I'm beginning to think she's right.

I can't afford to stay at home for another year for a lot of reasons. One is Keisha's going to attend school in a matter of months, and I want to enroll her in a private school, which translates that I need money. Second, we still have quite a few debts to settle, and I want everything to be cleared before the new year starts. Third, Henry's trips are coming to a close so most of the expenses will be shouldered by me for the time being.

I'm thinking of getting a new job since I saw this really close call center for me to work at, so I get to save not only on fare expenses, but the center being close means I also have more time at home, since I won't have to worry on travel time as much as I do now. But the hassle of applying for a job is something I don't want to get myself into at the moment. But if I've decided on not going back to eTel, then it's a reality I'll need to deal with.

I'm only glad that Keisha seems happy I'm home, and I also get to spend some time with Nicole (why her name changed from Simone to Nicole I promise one of us will get onto that). It's something I seriously miss while at work. I guess the only thing left for me to do is to discuss how I feel with Henry and take it from there.

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