Saturday, September 15, 2007

Keisha's Turn

My mom's all better, but it's Keisha's turn to be sick, I guess. She most probably got her cough from my mom, since they sleep together in one bed, and also the fact that Keisha won't stop kissing my mom. So there, she's coughing in her sleep and has lost a little of her appetite.

What she hasn't lost though, is her appetite for playing computer games. When she wakes up, the first thing she does is to sit in front of the pc and ask my mom or Leslie or me to type in her favorite websites, Y8 and Puffgames. And she's all set - she chooses what game to play herself and even figures out on her own how to operate those games as well. My kid's pretty smart.

And since I'm back in the travel industry, Leslie's the one who usually stays up late to watch the shop. Keisha's ok with having Simone sleep in her bed until Leslie goes up to bed herself and takes Simone with her. I'm just worried since Keisha is such a fidgety sleeper, she might hit Simone or something. But not to worry, my mom stays in the middle anyway.

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