Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tooth Extractions

I got two of my teeth extracted the other day, and they still hurt quite a bit. How is this related to Keisha? Well, for starters, my eldest daughter has been really considerate and did not bug me with carrying her, which she usually does. She would also often ask if my gums hurt and if I needed anything.

Keisha would also ask if I already drank the antibiotics and the pain relievers the doctor prescribed, and her reminding me of those things made me not forget, since I'm honestly not that good when it comes to drinking medicines on time.

Yesterday my mom, Leslie, and Keisha went to a mall and brought me back a shirt with red stripes, which looked great. I'm glad they had a great time, although I was left with Nicole. Good thing though I had my cousin to help me out.

I know I promised previously that I'll try to make my share of this blog, and again I apologize for not being able to complete my end of the bargain. I'm glad how this blog has been going, though, and I'll really make an effort to post as often as I can after work.

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