Monday, April 21, 2008

Summer Classes or Not

If there's a parent reading this, please do shed some light on my concern.

Our daugther Keisha as you all know, turned 4 last October 2007. We're going to enroll her in preschool this June. She knows how to identify colors, write her first name, and can also write some letters that you ask her to write. But like every child, school seems a bit daunting to her.

My husband and I are thinking about enrolling her for summer classes in the same school. We thought about it so that she'd be familiar with her school surroundings, and also so that she'd get a head start in learning. I guess bottom line is that, we just want her to be as prepared as possible for June.

Do you think we should enroll her for summer classes or should we let her just enjoy the rest of the summer?

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