Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting a Cash Advance

Henry and I are thinking of getting a cash loan for Keisha's enrollment in school this June. Or maybe even payday loans. To be perfectly honest, when Keisha was hospitalized for mercury ingestion, it seriously wrecked our budget. We had spent the money we were saving for Keisha's school for the hospital bills, and the medicines and tests that we had to complete for her.

We are considering getting a cash loan that is easy to acquire - like without the hassles and all. If the loan could also be applied and completed for over the internet, it would also be great since time is of complete essence to us. I wouldn't want to spend an entire day just falling in line and filling out forms when I could be at the mall with my kids.

It would also be great if the loan could be deposited into our bank account as I would not want to carry a huge amount of cash and then just get mugged or something. It would also be cool if the entire process of getting the loan would be kept private - like no one but me and the loan company would know that I had applied for the loan.

But a loan is still a loan. We are hoping that we can manage to save enough before June comes so that we might not even need to get a loan at all.

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