Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting the Best Auto Loan

One of the goals my wife and I have for this year is to make sure that this year does not end with us still living in an apartment and that our eldest daughter Keisha will not be going to school commuting. Since we're planning on getting a housing loan, we mutually decided that we might as well apply for an auto loan as well.

There are a lot of establishments that allow one to apply and if approved, get an auto loan. But a loan is a loan - and I would not want to be stuck into a loan whose terms are something that I do not understand, like, or may just downright stink. I want to make sure that the company whom I will be applying the auto loan from would be a reputable one, and that they would have a customer service department willing to help, that they would not be charging hidden fees, nor would they be like vampires waiting to squeeze you dry down to the last penny.

I also would not want to find ourselves in a position wherein we cannot pay for the loan anymore, and that collections agents would be calling us day and night. Terms of the loan should be flexible enough to fit our budget, yet we do not want to end up paying for the loan for years and years. I guess my wife and I would just have to look around more before we apply for an auto loan.

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