Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keisha's Going to School

Leslie and I have been quite busy choosing a school for Keisha. We already have a couple of schools in mind, but we haven't decided on which one to enroll Keisha in. We were thinking about going with a particular school as it offers a summer class that would start next week, and we had hoped in enrolling her for summer classes, just so that when the school year officially opens, she's already familiar and acquainted with the school environment and make new friends as well.

The only concern that we have is who will take Keisha to school and pick her up at the same time. Although it's just a short distance away from where we live, we're concerned that our schedules might just not jive with hers. Also, with my mom going away for two weeks, we're going to be quite busy with the chores, Nicole, and Keisha as well.

I guess my wife and I would have to talk things over a bit thoroughly, and we'll update you on that soon.

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