Sunday, April 27, 2008

Discovering Zookoda

I have been hearing a lot about Zookoda but I never really looked into it until now that I had the chance to make a sponsored post about it. Today, I checked the site out for the first time and I found out that Zookoda is actually an email marketing application specifically designed for bloggers. It lets you send out a daily, weekly, or monthly summary of your latest blog posts directly to the inbox of your visitors. Best of all, Zookoda's service is for free!

If you sign up for the free Zookoda's service, it lets you manage email newsletter subscribers, design eye-catching newsletters to match your blog's design and theme, as well as view real-time open bounce, click, and unsubscribe reports. Bloggers can schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week, or month, as well as access mobile users through emailing your blog content in a text format.

Zookoda is a leading Blog Broadcasting Service provider. Zookoda allows blog owners to proactively drive readership, exposure and traffic by sending blog summaries via email to their readers. Zookoda provides blog owners with the tools to manage their mailing lists, design their emails, broadcast blog summaries and track recipient usage. I'd recommend Zookoda to any blog owner who is interested in keeping their readers coming back to their blog.

An email reminder about what your blog is doing as well as a summary of your most recent posts is certainly an effective way for your readers to stay up to date with your posts, as well as keep them coming back to your site for new content, leave comments on your posts, etc. A daily, regular visitor is certainly a boost to any blog.
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