Sunday, June 15, 2008

Behavior at School

This post was intended for June 13th, but I ended up writing it on a piece of paper at work as I didn't have the time to blog the whole week.

When my mom in law and I arrived at Keisha's school, we peeked at her classroom door and saw Keisha standing on a chair and reaching for the wall fan. She was really happy to see us, and on the ride home she confided with her grandma that she'd like for us to wait on her outside.

We also spoke with her teacher and looked at one of her artworks. Although she did not have two stars again, her artwork yesterday was not hung on the wall. Her teacher had asked them to paste cut-out circles on a piece of paper. But what she did was to paste different shapes and ended up tearing them when the teacher told her what she did was wrong.

My dilemma is how to manage our time going to the gym, waiting for Keisha at school, and our other chores. I guess I'll have to talk it over with Henry later today.

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