Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Stars

This post was intended for June 11th, but I ended up writing it on a piece of paper while I was at work as I hadn't had the time to blog this week.

Keisha got two stars yesterday at school. One was for the artwork she completed, and the other was fr the activity they did that involved balls, Keisha's favorite toy. Her dad took her to school as my mom in law and I went to the gym. When we got home, we quickly ate and changed clothes and picked Keisha up from school.

All along, Keisha was under the impression that her dad waited for her the whole time. We don't want her to think that we don't care, but we also want her to make used to going to school. We also want her to be independent enough to be able to handle herself.

Today will be her third day at school, and hopefully she gets another star later today.

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