Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Coughing and Ice Cream

Keisha's beginning to show signs she'll be having a cough, well, she already has a slight cough right now. But one of her godfathers gave her ice cream and Henry was having a hard time dissuading her from eating it. I understand that Henry just doesn't want her cough to get worse, but kids will be kids.

Keisha still had her way and ate her strawberry ice cream. She just ate a small portion, which I said was fine. I'm not a medical professional or whatever, but I just hate the look Keisha gives us when she feels upset. It makes me feel we're depriving her of things, when it's the other way around. My husband and I go on days without seeing each other just so we can give the kids what they need and what they want.

All I can say is, I hope when Keisha grows up, she'll come to understand that we are only thinking of her and what's best for her. If she didn't have a cough I'd let her eat the whole can of ice cream.

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