Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terribly Sorry

Hi all!

We're terribly sorry for not having been able to update this blog as we had planned. This week has been really busy for all of us. For me, I'm still in the process of getting adjusted to a whole new work schedule. My mom in law has been busy reviewing Keisha for her mid-quarter exams which will last until Friday, and Henry's away on a trip and will hopefully be home tonight.

To be honest, I haven't had the luxury of getting enough sleep recently. I guess being used to a certain shift for almost 11 months can get the best of you, and this new shift of mine has been driving me nuts. Imagine, I've been late twice in a week! Grrr!

Oh well, moving on to Keisha...As I've said, it's her mid-quarter exams for this entire week, and my mom in law has been reviewing her well. They focused particularly on her Reading class, and I hope her grades will be better this quarter.

I am amazed at how time flies. Imagine, just a couple of months ago I was teary-eyed to see her off on her first day at school, and now the school year is almost over. I guess I really am getting older.

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