Monday, November 17, 2008

Keisha's 2nd Quarter Report Card

Last Saturday, Henry went to Keisha's school to get her report card as I was still at work. When I got home, everyone was so tense because we found out that Keisha's grade in her Reading subject dropped a drastic 4 points, from 93 in the first quarter down to 89 this quarter. We were so surprised as Keisha's score in her 2nd quarter exams was a lot higher compared to her first one. This was also the first time Keisha will get a line of 80+ in her report card, as all of her grades in her first quarter were all line of 90+s.

As for her other subjects, her grades went up by one point or remained the same. I'll have a talk with her teacher later after her classes to see what went wrong with her grade in Reading for this quarter.

What's worse is that if Keisha didn't get that kind of score in her Reading classes, she would have been included in the overall top 10 for all the Kinder 1 students in her school. She only needed 0.33% to be included. *Sigh*

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