Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just Got Home from Shopping

All of us - Henry, Keisha, Nicole, my mom in law, and I just got home from SM Valenzuela. Going to the mall was not our plan for today. Instead, we were supposed to go to the cemetery in Bulacan to visit my husband's dead relatives. Our initial plan was that I'd just meet all of them at the bus terminal in Monumento after I get off from work. But an hour before my shift ended, I called home only to find out they were still asleep. Keisha and my mom in law ended up scaring themselves silly after watching several horror movies and ended up sleeping at 3am.

So after work, I went straight home and everyone just got out of bed. There was no food, no breakfast, and everyone was just too lazy to move. So we ended up having brunch at the mall. We ate at Mang Inasal's with their Unlimited Rice Promo. I have to admit, the chicken was great, but I found their buttered garlic fried rice fantastic. Henry ended up eating 3 orders of rice, I ate 2 orders of rice, and my mom in law ended up eating 1 and a half - her rice and half of Keisha's rice.

At the Supermarket, we also bought some pizza toppings and crust - we're having homemade pizza for dinner later.

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