Monday, September 17, 2007

Sleeping Habits

Keisha didn't sleep this afternoon. She ended falling asleep really early, around 6pm and ended waking up around 10pm. We couldn't get her to sleep right back, so she ended up going downstairs and playing her favorite PC games (she threatened to scream and wake Simone up so we just let he have her way). I was (and still am while writing this) watching the shop, and then I remembered she hasn't had dinner yet. So I ended up cooking her instant noodles (her favorite) which she ate wholeheartedly.

After her late dinner, Henry managed to convince Keisha to go to bed, and she agreed only if we let her drink her milk from her feeding bottle. We've been trying to wean her from the bottle and get her to drink from a glass, but we've been unsuccessful. I hope that when she goes to school next year, she'll stop drinking from the bottle herself.

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