Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just an Observation

Hmmm...I recently noticed that I've been almost taking over this blog for some weeks now. I can't blame my mom in law though, she's busy with chores and the kids and all, not to mention the headache I give her every now and then. I can't blame Henry either; he's always busy with trips and work and all, and I perfectly understand why he'd prefer getting rest on weekends than spend it sitting in front of the PC as I always do.

Keisha, my mom in law and I are planning a trip to Ongpin tomorrow, as we're planning on buying a pair of earrings and a bracelet for Keisha's upcoming birthday. If our budget permits, we might be able to buy her a ring as well. I'm just thinking of how Henry would manage the day if we were to leave Simone with him. Although he has his cousin Cris with him (Keisha's godfather), I just can't imagine what sort of a day they'd have. We'll be gone for probably just a couple of hours, but let's see how he'll manage when he's left all alone with Simone.

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