Sunday, December 30, 2007

Same Old Brand New Floor

I find it amazing how a four year old can appreciate the simple things in life. I often wish I had Keisha's perspective towards life, but I don't and I don't think I'm doomed (yet). We were busy the whole day today and yesterday repainting our house as we are near to closing our internet cafe. I have to admit, when the living room set was delivered today, I realized how much I missed having an actual living room. We were also busy repainting the bathroom, scrubbing the walls, panting the staircase, and painting the floor red, the color it once was.

I admit to being really tired and cranky from all the work we've been doing but when I saw Keisha rubbing her foot against the red floor as she smiled I asked her, "Do you like it?" She instantly said "Yes" and that she found the floor pretty. I felt that all my efforts were rewarded and that everything was worth it. Well, I knew that from the start but I just couldn't help but feel appreciated.

It's way past midnight where I am and my husband and I just finished waxing the floor and making some last-minute touches. We still have 3 PCs left, so we're not totally closed yet, and we're not totally finished decorating the house and all. But I'm glad that we got a lot of work done together, and as I'm resting while blogging, I'm waiting for my bathwater so I can take a much-needed shower.

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