Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shopping with Keisha and Monic

As mentioned in Henry's post, I recently had appendicitis and I was confined for several days. I'm trying to see it in a positive way, like I had the time and chance for a much-needed break, but I also feel that I have been so left-out and behind a couple of things, like my blogs for example.

So when I got home and took a few more days' worth of rest, I wanted to move around not just because my doctor advised me to, but because I wanted to take back what I seem to have missed. I'd consider myself a bit knowledgeable about surgeries and operations, having given birth to my two daughters via cesarean section. But I don't know why, but this one felt different.

Moving on, as part of my moving up and about, Keisha, my mom in law and I went shopping. Therapeutic, huh? Lol. But I had a really great time save the constant nagging and misbehaving Keisha gave us a dose of almost the whole time we were outside. I understand the reason for her being so - she was already sleepy and tired from all the walking we did.

What I loved best about our trip today was that we found so many beautiful dresses for Keisha for a really low price. We paid a visit to a nearby thrift store initially in search of jeans for me, but we ended up buying more for Keisha and I only brought a jacket and a long-sleeved shirt (which I absolutely love).

My mom in law was at her usual haggling self; she got us really big discounts off of the already discounted prices, and even got the store owner to put other kid's dresses on layaway for us. Talk about gift of the gab, huh. Well, better call it a night, since I still have some errands to complete in the morning.

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