Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Keisha's still asleep as I write this, although when I went upstairs to change from my work clothes she opened her eyes and accompanied me to my room. I got a few good minutes of snuggle time before I took her back to her grandma's bed to complete the rest of her sleep. It was still too early, anyway.

She specifically requested for another bag of Oishi's Ribbed Cracklings in Salt and Vinegar flavor which I did get her, in addition to a chocolate donut from Ministop. I also have two pieces of the red candy she likes eating, mainly because it colors her entire tongue red.

I'm not sure if I'll still be awake when she wakes up and eats all of my presents, but I know that when we see each other later this afternoon, I'll know how she felt.

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