Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Present when I Get Home

Keisha has this way of either bluntly stating that she wants me to buy something for her when I get home from work, and when I say bluntly I mean she literally says, "Mommy buy me a Hershey bar later, OK?" Now when she's trying to be subtle, she pokes around my bag, asking what this and that is, and then puts the bag away with a pout and doesn't say anything for a couple of minutes.

Last night, she and her dad walked me down our street to where I ride the bus to work. I really felt bad when I got on the bus because the moment I did, she shouted, "Bye bye Mommy, take care," in such a sad voice. I took a couple of seconds to turn around and wave back at her before the bus driver moved the bus forward.

I kissed her goodbye before I got on the bus I a couple of times, but somehow I still felt bad about leaving her. In a way, I'm glad that I'm on the night shift since she's asleep when I'm gone, and when I get home she normally wakes me up or just snuggles with me while I sleep. I know this for a fact because sometimes, I wake up and I find her beside me, just staring at me.

Keisha can be a brat sometimes, but I guess all kids go through that phase. But what I love about her (aside from everything) is that she makes up for all the tantrums she's thrown during the day with a kiss or an embrace, or even a simple, "I'm sorry," that just melts my heart and makes me forget whatever she's done.

So tonight, she specifically asked for an Oishi Ribbed Crackling snack. Although it's junk food (I know, I shouldn't be feeding her this but it's just a treat) I still decided on buying it and we'll dive into it probably later this afternoon when I wake up, unless she's already beat me to my bag and ate it all by herself.

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